Farm Fresh Ordering Information
from Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm


Orders are now closed for Thanksgiving 2023!

Thank you to all who ordered, we look forward to seeing you next week! If you did not order a turkey, you can still stop by Monday-Wednesday, we are predicting we will have extra 10-13 lb turkeys available! By Wednesday we are done harvesting the turkeys and we will know exactly what we have extra of, so hopefully we will have a handful of other sizes up for grabs as well. As always, we come as close as we can to all ordered sizes. Harvesting them fresh for the holiday means at this point we are still only making predictions on what they will weigh. A warm fall means smaller turkeys. Every year is a little different when raising turkeys on pasture and we do the very best we can. Thank you!

Thanksgiving Pickup:
Nov 18 - 22,
10am - 5pm

FAQ - Your Fresh Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey:

  • A properly stored farm fresh turkey will keep for 7-9 day after packed on date; please keep your turkey as cold as possible, around 30-34 degrees F.
  • Don’t have room in the coldest part of your fridge? Put your turkey in a cooler packed tightly with ice; make sure to check daily and re-ice as needed!
  • Farm fresh turkeys cook faster than frozen or store bought birds. This is because the high moisture level of the meat transfers the heat more readily during cooking. SO BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER-COOK YOUR FARM FRESH TURKEY!
  • You should plan on 15 minutes per pound at 325 degrees for fresh turkeys (Oven temperature may vary. Adjust time and temperature accordingly). However, be careful not to overcook the bird as this will dry out the meat.
  • Larger turkeys can cook fast so plan for 12 minutes per pound cooking time
  • To check for doneness, use a meat thermometer in the deepest part of the breast, the temperature should be 160-165 degrees F.
  • Fresh turkeys can cook faster than anticipated so start checking it 1 hour before it is expected to be done to prevent overcooking.
  • Let the turkey should sit for 15-30 minutes after removing it from the oven, before you carve it.
  • Enjoy & have a safe & fantastic Thanksgiving!



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