Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm is a family farm owned and operated by the Hermonot Family. 

Elena Hermonot (mom) runs the farm’s Milkhouse Bakery and can be found waiting on customers in the farm’s store seven days a week.  Elena’s day start early baking the day’s pies, muffins, cookies & breads to be sold in the farm store.  She enjoys spending the rest of the day greeting customers with a welcoming smile as she proudly serves up her many goodies.

Rick Hermonot (dad) works off the farm full time as a farm consultant for Farm Credit East.  Rick looks forward to weekends, evenings, holidays, and vacations when he can help out on the farm.  His farm chores include helping wherever needed which includes making the homemade cider donuts on the weekends.

Christopher Hermonot (son 1) is married and lives with his wife Susan on her family’s farm in Franklin, CT.  Chris raises beef and hay, some of which are sold at our store at Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm.

Store Front

Jonathan Hermonot (son 2) is a graduate of UConn with a degree in Ag Economics.  Jon is the production manager for the turkeys.  His job is to raise our crop of free-range turkeys, taking them from day old poults that arrive in the summer into the fall as the best tasting holiday turkeys on the market.  Jon takes great pride and care in keeping the turkeys healthy and safe.  With fisher cats, coyotes, and bears (oh my!) in the forest abutting our farm, that is no easy task!  As if  he isn’t busy enough; Jon also works part-time on Maple Lane Farm, bottling black currant juice.

Ashley Hermonot (daughter 1) is also a student at UConn majoring in Animal Science.  Ashley works in the store, serving customers and she also helps her brother, Jonathan with the chores involved with raising the turkeys.  While in high school at the Killingly Vo-Ag program, Ashley was the State of Connecticut winner in FFA contests for Poultry Judging and Farm Business Management.  She also was the state winner in Poultry Proficiency for getting great results and keeping good records on her flock of free range chickens. 

Katherine Hermonot (daughter 2) graduated from Killingly High School where she attended the Vo-Ag program and was involved with the FFA.  She now attends UConn and is majoring in Animal Science. Katie also has her own flock of free-range chickens and sells the eggs in the farm store.  Many of her chickens were award winners at the Brooklyn Fair.

Rick and Elena are former dairy farmers.  A passion for promoting locally grown foods created a desire to sell what we grow in our own farm store.  After considering dairy products (but a bottling plant was just too big and investment) we decided to pursue poultry, which has always been an interest to us.

We’ve had a family tradition of raising everything that is served on our Thanksgiving table.  Of course, that starts with the turkey.  In 1998, we raised 15 turkeys for family and friends.  We have grown to 2,00 pasture-raised turkeys today.  We are now the largest grower of pasture rasied turkeys in Connecticut!  

We are having fun helping lots of folks develop the tradition of experiencing a locally grown holiday!  We are very excited that our children are also interested and have supported the growth of the farm.  Our many wonderful friends have been critical to our success as well.  Lots of friends gather at the farm each year to help with processing the turkeys. 

For us, tradition is all about family & friends coming together for annual events to celebrate all that our hard work and the wonderful bounty of our farms can provide.  What better way to share that tradition than by creating a locally grown holiday experience for as many folks as possible.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We want to welcome you to our farm as well!   If you’ve already been, please come again soon.  If you have not, we look forward to meeting you.

Happy Traditions from,

Rick, Elena, Chris, Susan, Jon, Ashley, & Katie Hermonot
At Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm




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